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1987 Alfa Romeo Spider
Mileage: 28000
1955 Ford classic car for sale
Mileage: 100
1997 Pontiac FIREBIRD
Mileage: 47015
1996 Lotus Esprit
Mileage: 80156
Mileage: 138000
Mileage: 81642
1994 Eagle VISION TSI
Mileage: 122676
1968 Chevrolet CORVETTE
Mileage: 39699
1996 Ford EXPLORER
Mileage: 208868
1995 Nissan 240SX SE
Mileage: 156424
1974 Ford BRONCO
Mileage: 371

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Customers' Reviews
Angela D.
Used Cars NJ is the place where I managed to find a decent car for my daughter. Her new Volkswagen Passat is just amazing. I am an experienced driver and I owned a lot of cars, but this one handles very well. We haven't had a single problem yet.
June 3th 2015
Andrew K.
This is the first time I sold my car so quickly. Moreover, I managed to find a new one at Used Cars NJ. Most of all I was impressed by the fact that the prices offered by sellers at this auction are lower than in other places. I will definitely come back when I decide to purchase another vehicle.
Jan 15th 2016
Bryan W.
My new Ford Escape is almost flawless. Although the car is not new, it has no mechanical issues. I liked the fact that I could bid on the car not only from PC, but also from my iPhone. I think that it's very comfortable for everyone.
April 13th 2016
If you are looking to purchase a reliable car for cheap, there is no better place than Used Cars NJ auto auction. Our extensive inventory consists of only quality used cars. We guess that you wondered why car dealerships you visit can't just give you a good deal on the vehicle you want to purchase. We guarantee that here at Used Cars NJ, you get the exact same price as the owner's best friend. With us your next automobile purchase will be the best experience you have ever had. We have used car lots to suit your lifestyle and budget requirements. Find the car you always dreamed of and enjoy driving it every moment. With Used Cars NJ selling your car online is also possible. This will help you to get more money for your second hand cars. Moreover, you pay nothing for adding your car listings on our website. You can track your auto sales from your PC, tablet or mobile phone.